Why visit an escape room?

Family & Friends

Looking for a great way to spend time with the family? Our escape rooms are interactive and rewarding. Working together in our rooms will bring you and your friends together in new ways, with new challenges. Everyone is sure to have a good time!

Team Building

Looking to empower your team? Want to challenge them with something unique? Our escape rooms encourage teamwork, problem solving and communication. It only takes 60 minutes – perfect for a lunch break!


From birthday parties to corporate outings, our escape rooms are perfect for any private event. We can accommodate up to 16 people using both of our escape rooms. Come celebrate with us at Let Us Go Escape Rooms!

Engaging, Exciting & Entertaining

Our escape rooms are designed to be extremely engaging – they require teamwork, patience, and communication. The puzzles are great for all ages and everyone’s skills will be put to the test.

Your search through the room will surprise you with mysterious twists and exciting discoveries! Make sure you look high and low, you never know what you may find. 

Be quick – 60 minutes goes fast!