What is an escape room?

You and your group will enter a themed room full of puzzles, locks, and riddles. You will be given 60 minutes to escape. Your team will work together to quickly find clues which will help you solve riddles throughout the room. As you solve riddles you will progress further into the room and experience new puzzles. For more detailed information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

About Our Rooms

Our passion for escape rooms and riddles has lead us to create one of the most exciting escape room experiences in Muskegon. Our rooms are great for all ages and have surprises that will excite your entire group! For more information, you can check our Escape Rooms or our About Us page.

Escape By The Lake

We are honored to be able to provide the first escape room in North Muskegon and one of the first in West Michigan. Our escape rooms are perfect for people visiting Muskegon and looking for a fun activity with the family!